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Bonus Souls

Once you have a better understanding of the game’s mechanics, you are encouraged to add the bonus souls to your games. These bonus cards are not added to any deck, but instead lay face up next to the game in view of all the players.

These souls, once gained, act like any other soul card. Bonus souls can only be gained once per game; if these soul cards are ever discarded, they are placed face down next to the game and cannot be gained again.

Soul of Greed

The first player to have 25¢ or more gains the Soul of Greed.

Soul of Gluttony

The first player to have 10 or more loot cards in their hand gains the Soul of Gluttony.

Soul of Guppy

The first player to have 2 or more Guppy items in their possession gains the Soul of Guppy.

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What happens to the bonus souls if they are gained but later discarded or destroyed?

If a bonus soul is discarded or destroyed it is placed face down next to the game and cannot be gained again.

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