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The Room Deck

The room deck is an optional bonus deck you can add once you are more familiar with the basic rules of the game.

The room deck is placed face down on the table, just like the other decks. You start the game with one Room slot. This must be filled at all times just like with Shop slots and Monster slots (see Refilling Slots). Also just like with other types of slot, the number of Room slots can be expanded, and that increase would last for the rest of the game.

Some room cards have an effect that the active player can choose to interact with during their turn if they wish. Other room cards have global effects that are applied as soon as that room card is revealed and are ongoing.

If a monster has been killed during their turn, the active player can choose to discard a room card and reveal a new one at the end of their turn. They can of course instead choose to leave any existing room cards in play, if they wish.

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