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Today is the Day

Hello All!

Wow, what a momentous day. Today the mission of the Four Souls Card Repository truly begins. This will soon become the most complete repository of all things Binding of Isaac: Four Souls on the planet, rivaling Edmund’s own collection! Our hope is that you’ll use this site as a place to reference cards, look up rules and FAQs, and build your own customized decks to play the game how you want with the ratios you want. There’s a lot already here and there’s more coming, including those beautiful Requiem cards!

The uploading of high quality cards to the site is a time consuming process so the small team handling this will be uploading batches of cards over the next week or so. If you’re part of the Kickstarter or pre-order, you’ll be notified with an update when the new batches have arrived. Please show your love for Kizzycocoa, Yuggy, and egghorse for all of their hard work getting the site and the cards up for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re an archivist, we ask that you not download the cards from the site and please do not link various bots (jerbot, TableTop Simulator tables) as a way to keep the site running smoothly for everybody. In a few days an Imgur Album with the exact same cards will exist for you to do all of those things.

We’re thrilled you’re here! Use this time to go over the Second Edition & Requiem cards as they are uploaded. If you catch any spelling/grammatical errors or you want to tell us you think a card is over/under powered let us know your thoughts with the “Report a Mistake” feature on every card page. There is a tight turnaround to get these cards to the manufacturer and to the localization partners. The more feedback we get, the quicker we can take action. With your help, Requiem will be even better. Thank you for your time and we’ll see you again soon with the next batch.

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