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The Unboxing of Isaac

April’s Theme: Isaac In Wonderland

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Latest Announcement

The Summer of Isaac is Here! New Cards and New Merch!

The Summer of Isaac starts now!

Coming your way this summer are nearly 50 new Four Souls cards across 3 different booster packs, plus over a dozen new pieces of merch! It is time to get excited!

It all starts with a kickass video looking back at 6 years of Four Souls! Relive the amazing journey we have all been on together here.

The first booster pack of the summer, the Edmund Booster Pack, is available for purchase on NOW! There are also pre-orders available (which will ship in July) for two awesome new t-shirts, two magnificent new zip-up hoodies, and an extremely cool new water bottle. Check out this stunning new merch at as well!

All 3 new booster packs are here to stay and are permanent additions to our store! That means you’ll be able to get all 3 at the same time to save on shipping starting in August. We hope this is something our international fans will find particularly useful as we look to improve things for you all as much as possible.

Keep your eyes peeled on Edmund’s Twitter account (@edmundmcmillen) and the Maestro Media Twitter account (@TheMaestroTeam) for daily card teases for the Edmund Booster Pack! Once teased, we’ll get the cards uploaded here on as well!

Check out the first card reveal – Stacy from Mewgenics! Isn’t she cute!

Here’s to an amazing summer!

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Maestro Media

Four Souls Customer Service

3rd June, 2024

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