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Hello UK Games Expo!

Hello all, particularly our friends over at the UK Games Expo!

It’s been a while since we last posted here, and with a lot more attention on the site, we thought it’d be a good idea to update everyone on all things Four Souls related.

UK Games Expo

First off, we’ve got a small section at the UK Games Expo! Come to Hall 1, we’re with Asmodee UK at their Dedicated Gamers stand, at 1-1092 on the corner of Mythic Avenue and Budd End. We’ll have demos of Four Souls: Requiem to play! People who come will also have a chance of getting a very special promo card, but you may need to work for it once you get there. Something about holes and heads. We look forward to seeing you! It is open from Friday the 3rd of June, to Sunday the 5th of June. Please note we will not be selling copies of the game at the Expo.

We will also be networking at booth 1-975, where we hope to meet artists, designers and future partners. Be sure to get in touch, we’d love to meet you!

The Unboxing of Isaac

We’re now at Month 3 (July) of The Unboxing of Isaac! This month’s theme is “Summertime Fun!”, and features an amazing Four Horsemen shirt, and 3 Cubes of Meat cards! It will also include the Short Fuse card, in celebration of the 4th of July!

These can only be obtained through July’s box. You can buy the box over at Maestro Media’s Store. You can choose to buy just July’s box, or subscribe for future boxes as well. For a limited time, you are still able to buy the annual subscription, which packages all boxes, past, present and future, into a single box which will be delivered on May 2023 with dramatically reduced shipping costs. But that option won’t be there forever, so be sure to grab it if you want every shirt and card released so far for The Unboxing of Isaac!


We’ve also been busy devising challenge cards for you to try out! Challenges are print-and-play cards you can make at home which drastically alter the game. You can play them at three difficulties, Normal, Hard and Ultra Hard. We’ve just released Motherly Love, but more challenges are on the way! To view the rules, head to the Maestro Media website, and scroll down to News. There you will find posts, PDFs and instructions for both released challenges so far!

Kickstarter Fulfilment

There isn’t a lot of news on the shipping front. Between all the translations, lockdowns and sanctions, we have had to push back delivery. We believe the games will begin shipping in October/November.

That’s about it for this update. Thank you very much for all of your continued support, page corrections and FAQ submissions! We’re trying to get to all of them as best we can. We will let you know of any further updates to the above events, and shall upload the special Expo card live on the day. Please direct any questions, complaints or secret notes to our Contact page. Thanks again for your time, and we hope you all enjoy what we’ve got in store for the coming months!



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