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Happy New Year, Isaac Fans!

Let’s ring in 2023 with money on our minds… In this month’s box, you’ll find a shirt and other goodies designed by Max Grecke, along with three greed-themed Four Souls cards: A Dollar!, A Quarter!, and Greedling Rush!.

A Dollar! and A Quarter! help you gain easy shop items or a quick Soul of Greed if you’ve included it. Edmund calls it cheating, but we call it strategic gain. Greedling Rush is a great way to get some extra ¢, but with a 6 damage, you better make sure not to miss!

As a reminder, there are still two months left to enter your Unboxing of Isaac videos for a chance to win some exclusive swag. For those interested in getting the annual subscription, you’ll have at least through February, with a specific date to be determined soon. To celebrate a full year of The Unboxing of Isaac, Edmund will be hosting an epic livestream where he opens each month’s box, ending with the exclusive 13th box designed by him!

For Requiem Kickstarter backers, you still have time to make changes to your address; just log in to Backerkit using the same email that you backed the campaign with. If you need to update your shipping country, instead contact Maestro Media and they’d be happy to get things sorted for you. There will be a hard cutoff date for address changes as the fulfillment date approaches, so make sure to reach out as soon as possible if necessary. Boxes are getting ready to begin their journey via freight, which means we are getting closer every day to having the game in hand! Check out the Kickstarter updates for some behind-the-scenes photos and details on when to expect your copy.

If you didn’t back the Kickstarter but still want the physical version of Four Souls, consider signing up for the waitlist at You’ll be the first to get notified when the retail version of the game is available for purchase in a couple of months.

Lastly, if you’re looking to find exclusive content on all things Four Souls, Binding of Isaac, Mewgenics, and more, follow Edmund on his newly-created TikTok account, @edmundmcmillen. While you’re at it, give @themaestroteam a follow as well for more insider info! Here’s to a new year filled with fun and games, prosperity, and many cool things on the horizon.

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