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Youtooz, Valentine’s Charms and a 2023 Recap!

Good to be back, Isaac fans! Today, we want to talk about our latest promotions and look back at all the wild updates from 2023. Let’s get started!

Our first topic of discussion is an exciting one! As of TODAY, February 2nd, two new Youtooz figures featuring Baphomet and Guppy are available for preorder, each of which includes a unique exclusive alt art promo card (Devil Deal and Guppy, respectively)! Get yours here! These will only be available until February 16th at noon (Pacific Time) while supplies last, so be sure to snag ’em soon if you can!

Boost your love life with the limited-time Valentine’s Day promotion at the Maestro Media store! Kickstarter excess stocks are being sold again while supplies last and as a bonus, a free promo card, Mom’s Charmed Heart, is included with ANY order from the site. This card introduces a new type of counter, the HP Counter, fitting for the season. Check the rules update here! Yes, we will be your Valentine this year.

As 2024 rushes forward with cards and updates, we want to give a little recap on Four Souls in the last year. 2023 was MASSIVE for The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls.

Cuddle up to your favorite friend (or your Baby Plum plush, as the case may be), because love is in the air. Lust would call it love, anyway. Isaac might have a different opinion… Valentine’s Day 2023 saw the release of Live, Laugh, Lust, the 10th Four Souls Challenge, where you must guide your characters to victory while fighting off the love-stricken monsters pursuing you, before taking down Lust herself. Check it out here!

Keep away from the exploding fissures. The ground splits and shakes as feet crash down all around: Daddy Long Legs is on a rampage! 2023 also saw the release of Stomping Ground, the 11th Four Souls Challenge, where Isaac will need to dodge the many falling limbs while praying that the other basement dwellers can serve as a distraction. Check out this new challenge here!

The Unboxing of Isaac, the subscription extravaganza beginning June 2022, continued through May 2023. As a gift for the folks who supported the entire promotion for 12 months, the end of this year-long party introduced us to the first officially PHYSICALLY released Four Souls Challenge cards (print them yourself here) with Day of the Doodler, where you must defeat a two-dimensional menace as the only way to save yourself from being stuck as a sketch forever… We also got the first Four Souls cards with art by the game’s creator, Edmund McMillen himself, in the form of 3 alternate character cards (Isaac, Cain, and The Lost) featuring art from the original demo sketches of the game. Cool! The Unboxing of Isaac in 2023 brought us 24 MORE new cards (in addition to the 29 cards released through the subscription in 2022).

One of the biggest Four Souls news items in 2023 was of course the release of the Requiem expansion and all the Kickstarter goodies that came along with it. We got the Warp Zone and Alt Arts expansions, Ultra Pride and Corrupted Data as pre-commit cards, a Birthday Cake card to celebrate 10 YEARS of The Binding of Isaac, and a bonus Henry monster card that’s a little shy behind the effect box, bringing the total to a WHOPPING 435 new cards simultaneously shipped to thousands of folks’ homes.

Lost Soul promo cards were handed out all over the world at Maestro Media’s convention booths! We made appearances at UK Games Expo, Essen, and Gen Con where we showed off new games like Smurfs’ Hidden Village, Hello Kitty: Day at the Park, Sally Face: Strange Nightmares, Streamer Showdown, and more!

Enjoying his spot as one of the fans’ favorite recurring artists, Sony_Shock *shocked* us all with his INSANE Famine promo, totally altering our conceptions of what a Four Souls card can even look like!

Video games just feel better in a cardboard box on your shelf. When it comes to Edmund McMillen’s twisted Isaac prequel, The Legend of Bum-bo, a cardboard box makes even more sense! Nicalis released a physical edition in August and with this release came exclusive Bum-bo and Bag-o-Trash alt art cards!

Eventually, Isaac was going to need a little caffeine pick-me-up. For their second Isaac-themed flavor (after 2022’s Isaac’s Tears), G Fuel concocted the most devilish energy drink this side of Gehenna with BRIMSTONE… and with it, 2 new alt art promo cards in the form of G Fuel and Brimstone to make it taste all the sweeter.

Last, but certainly not least, 2023 brought us the most elusive, rare Four Souls card that perhaps we’ll ever see. The 2nd version of Henry, this time rising high to the occasion, was given away to members of the Four Souls community who have shown exceptional dedication in some way, hand-picked by Edmund McMillen himself! If you got your hands on one, then you’ve certainly done SOMETHING to earn the sincere thanks of all of us here at Maestro! Be careful you don’t lose him, he can be slippery!

One more year and we have a total of 466 new cards to play with in The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. That’s more cards than the game’s LAUNCH year of 2018! Five years strong and we’re not stopping any time soon!

New to are card errata! A handful of cards have received official (small) ruling fixes since the game’s last printing and these will be reflected by the cards’ listings on our website. If you want to learn more about errata, check out this section in the rules!

Expect more exciting changes to in 2024 as we improve our site navigation and presentation. Check back here for updates and remember to follow Edmund and Maestro Media on all our socials. Here’s to a new year full of fun, games, and more cool stuff around the corner.

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