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Greed’s Gamble

Greed’s Gamble Card Face

Front character artist:

Front background artist:
Yazawa Akio

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Each time a player loses a number of ¢ that is more than the number of ¢ they have, the timer ticks down by 1.
If a player would lose any number of ¢, they lose that much +x¢ instead, where x is equal to the number of minions in play.
Each time a player loses or pays any number of ¢, put that many counters on this. Then if this has 10+ counters, remove 10 counters from this and put a random keeper head from outside the game in a minion slot not being attacked.
Challenge Card Back PLACEHOLDER

Card back artist:

This card has never been offically printed. No official copies of this card exist.

All copies of this card are plain. No holographic versions of this card exist.

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