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Eden Card Face

Front character artist:

Front background artist:


Character Card

HP: 2
ATK: 1
Tap EffectPlay an additional loot card this turn.
When you start the game look at the top 3 cards of the treasure deck, choose one, it becomes your starting item and gains eternal.
Character Card Back

Card back artist:

This card is no longer in print. As such, there are limited copies of this card.

All copies of this card are holographic. No plain versions of this card exist.

This promotional card was included with all orders made to the Studio71 store between November 22nd and December 3rd, 2019. It was also included with all purchases of Tapeworm on the Nicalis store between January 16th and July 7th, 2021.

Remastered Card

Eden Remastered

Alternate Art Cards

Related FAQs

Character Cards

What happens to the two items that Eden doesn’t pick?

The two treasure cards not selected by Eden during setup are put on the bottom of the treasure deck.

Can I use an item with ‘Destroy this:’ as Eden’s starting item?

Items with “Destroy this:” don’t function with Eden because the effect is conditional on the item destroying itself, and the item won't be able to be destroyed if it gains eternal. Nothing prevents you from taking the item, but the effect would fizzle on every activation and so there will likely be better options.

Can I use Glass Canon as Eden’s starting item?

Most items that destroy themselves don't work if made eternal, but Glass Cannon is an exception as the main effect is not conditional on the item destroying itself. With Glass Canon, only the 'Loot 2' after a roll of 1-5 will fizzle if the item can't destroy itself.

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