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Epic Fetus!

Epic Fetus! Card Face

Card front artist:

Front background artist:


Tap EffectDeal 1 damage to a monster, player and yourself.

"I should have been as though I had not been, carried from womb to tomb."
Job 10:19

Treasure Card Back

Card back artist:

This card is no longer in print. As such, there are limited copies of this card.

All copies of this card are plain. No holographic versions of this card exist.

This promotional card was exclusive to all copies of Four Souls sold via Target. The Target version of Four Souls was far more compact than the standard versions. While it included an updated rules booklet, it was missing the coin bag included with the original base game.

Remastered Card

Epic Fetus! Remastered

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Attacking and Monster Slots

What happens if a player and a monster both take lethal damage at the same time?

Normally the rules of the stack mean that one of the effects or dice rolls that would kill either the player or the monster resolves first, and thus combat will be cancelled before the other can die. There are a few exceptions, however, with a number of effects that deal damage to both a player and a monster at the same time, such as Lust's effect. In these rare cases where both the player and the monster die at the same time you resolve the monster’s death first, then the player’s.

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