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Rainbow Tapeworm

Rainbow Tapeworm Card Face

Card front artist:


Trinket Card

At the start of your turn, roll:
1-3: Do nothing.
4-6: This becomes a copy of any non-eternal item in play till the end of your turn.


This loot becomes an item under your control when it resolves.

Loot Card Back

Card back artist:

This card is no longer in print. As such, there are limited copies of this card.

All copies of this card are holographic. No plain versions of this card exist.

This promotional card is exclusive to all copies of Tapeworm.

Remastered Card

Rainbow Tapeworm Remastered

Related FAQs

Loot Cards

Do I have to play a trinket from my hand for it to become an item?

Yes. A trinket will be played from your hand like any other loot card and it is only once it resolves that it will then be considered an item. From this point onwards it will be treated no differently to any other item, and will stay in play until it is destroyed.

Can I Butter Bean a trinket or the Lost Soul loot card?

Yes. Butter Bean can cancel any loot card being played, and trinkets aren't considered items till the loot card effect resolves. The same goes for the lost soul: it only becomes a soul card once the effect of the loot card resolves.

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